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The Enneagram of the Virtues: Actualize the 9 Deeper Qualities of Your Heart

January 30 @ 12:00 pm - April 10 @ 12:00 pm

12-Week Audio Training With Live Q&A Starts Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Explore the higher dimensions of your true nature and discover sacred teachings that allow you to manifest your deepest gifts through the empowering wisdom of the Enneagram and its Virtues. Apply experiential practices to discern the difference between your emotional reactions and the deeper heart, and open your heart to better navigate other people’s perspectives, reactions, and habits.

Do you remember when you first figured out your Enneagram type — and what a moment of revelation this was? Understanding your core drives, challenges, and motives through the lens of this ancient multidimensional system is nothing short of a great aha! moment for most of us. Students of the Enneagram spend years (lifetimes!) exploring their type and diving deeper into its many unique expressions. Yet, at a certain point, you may wonder, “what’s next?” This moment is a turning point on your path of personal transformation…

Taking this next step ultimately leads you to your higher nature — the qualities that most embody your essence. These qualities connect to your heart and to the deepest level of the Enneagram, the Virtues. The Virtues are an embodied expression of your true nature — and the foundation for a fully actualized life. Though rarely taught publicly, the Virtues of the Enneagram are actually the core of the original, foundational teachings. Russ Hudson, co-founder of The Enneagram Institute, and one of the principal scholars and innovative thinkers in the Enneagram world today, calls the Nine Virtues “qualities of the awakened heart.”

During this powerfully transformative 12-week course with Russ, you’ll explore the Virtues as a map for living as your Highest Self and embodying your full potential, cultivating these qualities and significantly expanding your Enneagram knowledge and integrative practices. Russ will guide you in transforming your passion (of your Enneagram type) into the highest expression of YOU — your core Virtue.

In this immersive training on the Enneagram Virtues, you’ll discover:

  • The miracle of your awakeness that helps you navigate life with ease and confidence
  • The alchemy of restored presence as the process that begins to turn the heart towards its true source, the “Beloved”
  • The core suffering of the heart that’s at the root of the passion of lust
  • The real meaning of the passion of sloth, which isn’t actually laziness but is a habitual state of withdrawn attention, normal for egoic life
  • The core suffering of the heart that’s at the root of the passion of angry resentment, vanity, and gluttony
  • The real meaning of the passion of pride — often misunderstood and a major challenge for those in helping professions
  • How to recognize and experience the qualities of equanimity in your daily life
  • The real meaning of the passion of avarice, which is generally not the withholding of knowledge
  • How to recognize and experience courage in your daily life
  • The specific relationship between the heart’s suffering and qualities of presence and grace
  • The 9 Virtues as doorways to another kind of human community — the alternative to fear as an organizing principle

Module 1: Transform Human Suffering Into Presence & Grace Through the Enneagram & the Alchemy of the Heart (January 30)

Module 2: Type 8 — Transform Lust Into Innocence & Mercy to Experience Exquisite Sensitivity (February 6)

Module 3: Type 9 Sloth — Transform Inertia Into Engagement to Experience Wholeness (February 13)

Module 4: Type 1 — Transform Angry Resentment & Reactivity Into Serenity to Experience the Source of Wisdom (February 20)

Module 5: Type 2 — Transform Pride Into Humility to Connect More Deeply Within & With Others (February 27)

LIVE VIDEO Q&A #1 (March 6)

Module 6: Type 3 — Transform Vanity Into Authenticity to Live as an Expression of Love & Service (March 13)

Module 7: Type 4 — Transform Envy Into Equanimity to Experience Compassionate Presence & the Spaciousness of Heart (March 20)

Module 8: Type 5 — Transform Avarice Into Non-Attachment to Become Fully Present (March 27)

Module 9: Type 6 — Transform Fear & Angst Into Courage to Spark Awakening (April 3)

Module 10: Type 7 — Transform Gluttony Into Sobriety to Experience Sustained Positivity (April 10)

LIVE VIDEO Q&A #2 (April 17)

Cost – $297.00


January 30 @ 12:00 pm
April 10 @ 12:00 pm