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Russ Hudson

During this time of social distancing, many events and classes are being canceled. For ongoing home learning these online courses are a highly recommended option.

Online Courses

During this time of social distancing, many events and classes are being canceled. For ongoing home learning these online courses are a highly recommended option.

New Series
Mondays with Russ Hudson & Catherine Bell:

2 per month on Mondays at 12:00 PM EST

Mystics across time have written some of the world’s greatest poetry and scripture during episodes of war, plague, and social upheaval… and they call to us now to reclaim our soul’s longing and commune with the sacred heart of existence — even in the midst of turmoil. 

Some of the most influential cultural firebrands throughout history have undergone terrific “dark nights of the soul” and come out the other side brimming with renewed vision and impassioned wisdom. 

Join for free, February 1-5, 2021. RSVP at no charge

Understand the Unique Relevance of Enneagram Wisdom to Navigate These Times: Insights & Practices to Explore Your Soul Type for Grounding, Healing & Purpose

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 8:30pm
Eastern Standard Time
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During this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • The rarely told history and mystical background of the ancient Enneagram
  • The 9 Enneagram types and the motivations behind the behaviors of each
  • How many of the ancient teachings of the Enneagram are especially relevant during the pandemic
  • How Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way can harmonize your body, mind, and emotions
  • A renewed sense of purpose so you can see your life in a bigger context

I will discuss the Fourth Way, once taught by George Gurdjieff, a 20th-century Russian spiritual teacher, who believed people normally live in a state of “waking sleep” and that they need to overcome this to find their place in the universe and their purpose in life.

I will also guide you into being relaxed and grounded. You’ll be present in the moment, receptive to creating change and being of service with an open heart.

The Enneagram: 9 Lenses Of Racial Healing
A Transformational Journey From Tolerance To Inclusion Mastermind
With Russ Hudson & Deborah Egerton

12 Monthly Masterminds + Deep Dives with Deborah & Russ

With the global nature of diversity as our beacon to guide our ongoing learning about culture and diversity, the Enneagram journey takes us to the heart of humanity by peeling back the layers to discover our authentic self. The 9 lenses of the Enneagram allows us to learn how we each have different experiences under the same circumstances. We will explore the core motivation, core fear, fixation, value, and virtue of each Enneagram type. This will be a creative exploration of how and why your implicit bias is informed by the 9 different lenses of the Enneagram. The experiential exercises are designed for participants to take ownership and action as cultural allies and advocate for all people.

Learning to Trust Your Instincts
with Russ Hudson and Cheryl Richardson
Starts February 25, 2021

Join Russ and Cheryl for a yearlong, in-depth study of the Instinctual Variants of the Enneagram.

Exploring the instincts helps us to understand where we habitually focus our attention and energy – for better or worse – and what we need to do differently to create a stronger sense of security, to enjoy deeper more meaningful connections with others, and to experience more energy and aliveness in everyday life.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Due to these restrictions on gatherings and travel, all live events have been postponed through June.


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Russ Hudson is a gifted teacher and wise scholar who offers some of the deepest and most comprehensive understanding of the transformative power of the enneagram. By helping me to become aware of the habitual patterns of thinking and acting that keep me a prisoner of my personality, his work has allowed me to live a more soul-directed life. The enneagram is complex and multi-dimensional, and I always look forward to hearing more from Russ about the unfolding nature of his beautiful work.

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